4501-53-14 Basic rider course for returning rider.

(A) The basic rider course for returning rider (BRC-RR) curriculum shall be approved by the director and shall include, at a minimum, the following topics:

(1) A classroom portion that covers the following:

(a) Street strategies;

(b) Knowledge test;

(c) Wrap-up.

(2) A range portion that covers the following:

(a) Matching gears to speed;

(b) Stopping quickly;

(c) Limited-space maneuvers;

(d) Pressing to initiate lean;

(e) Cornering judgment;

(f) Negotiating curves;

(g) Stopping quickly in a curve;

(h) Obstacles and lane changes;

(i) Avoiding hazards;

(j) Skills practice;

(k) Skill test.

(3) Such material shall not be taught out of sequence or modified by instructors, unless authorized by the motorcycle Ohio coordinator.

(B) The BRC-RR shall have the following instructor to student ratio:

(1) Classroom - one instructor may teach a maximum of twenty-four registered students;

(2) Range - one instructor may instruct no fewer than two students nor more than six students on motorcycles. Two instructors shall instruct no more than twelve students on motorcycles;

(3) The maximum capacity for on-cycle instruction is twelve students.

(C) Students shall have a valid temporary instruction motorcycle identification card (TIPIC), a motorcycle endorsement, or a motorcycle-only license prior to participating in range instruction.

(D) Unless otherwise approved by the department, the BRC-RR shall use training motorcycles provided by the provider with 100cc to 500cc engine displacement.

(E) Every student participating in the BRC-RR range instruction must wear proper riding gear, which includes helmet and eye protection that is in compliance with Chapter 4501-17 of the Administrative Code, sturdy over-the-ankle footwear, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, sturdy full-length pants without holes or tears, and full-fingered gloves.

(F) Students successfully completing the BRC-RR shall be issued a completion card for the purpose of course verification.

(G) Upon completion of the BRC-RR, the provider shall submit, electronically, to the department, a student report form, in a format prescribed by the director.

Effective: 04/21/2011
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/02/2016
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: R.C. 4508.08
Rule Amplifies: R.C. 4508.08