Lawriter - OAC - 4501:6-2-03 Requirements for a sponsoring agency.

4501:6-2-03 Requirements for a sponsoring agency.

(A) A sponsoring agency that establishes and maintains a McGruff house program shall:

(1) Adopt as the exclusive symbol of that program the McGruff house symbol established by the national crime prevention council in paragraph (C) of rule 4501:6-2-01 of the Administrative Code, and

(2) Abide by the rules established by the office of criminal justice services.

(B) A sponsoring agency using the McGruff house symbol shall maintain on file the following information in addition to any additional information it may require:

(1) Name of participant in McGruff household,

(2) Address of participating McGruff household,

(3) Phone number of participating McGruff household,

(4) Names, social security numbers, dates of birth and driver's license numbers of all temporary and permanent residents in the McGruff household,

(5) Participant's previous addresses for the last five years,

(6) Participant's citizenship status,

(7) Participant's typical hours of availability at the McGruff household,

(8) Signatures of participant and all household members, regardless of ages, on application.

(C) A sponsoring agency shall inform individuals or families who serve as participants in a McGruff household of the provisions of the "Good Samaritan" statute as found in section 2305.23 of the Revised Code.

(D) In planning for a McGruff house program, a sponsoring agency should consult with parents and parent groups such as the "P.T.A."

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