4701-17-01 Education assistance program definitions.

The following terms are used with the same meanings throughout this chapter:

(A) "Minority" refers to a person with significant ancestry from the following areas:

(1) Africa, excluding the Middle East;

(2) Asia, excluding the Middle East;

(3) Central America and the Caribbean Islands;

(4) South America;

(5) The islands of the Pacific Ocean.

(6) In addition, the term includes persons with significant ancestry from the original peoples of North America who are of non European descent.

(B) "Ohio college or university" means an accredited college or university located in Ohio that has been issued a certificate of authorization to grant degrees by the board of regents or is part of the "University System of Ohio."

(C) "Tier one scholarship commitment" means a commitment by the board to award scholarship moneys to either an Ohio resident minority student or an Ohio resident student demonstrating financial need who is enrolled full time at an Ohio college or university . "Ohio resident" shall have the meaning defined in paragraph (H) of this rule.

(D) "Tier one scholarship grant" means an award of scholarship moneys by the board to a qualifying student who was previously awarded a tier one scholarship commitment.

(E) "Tier two grant" means an amount determined by the board to support minority CPA development and recruitment programs that have been approved by the board.

(F) "Fifth year of an individual program of study" is defined as meeting all of the following criteria:

(1) An individual program of study, where the Ohio college or university in which the student is enrolled takes responsibility that completion of the fifth year of the individual program of study by the student will meet the educational requirement outlined in division (D)(1)(b) of section 4701.06 of the Revised Code.

(2) The student must have completed a minimum of one hundred twenty semester hours of academic credit.

(G) "Accounting education program" means any five-year degree program approved by the board and offered by an Ohio college or university that requires sophomore standing to enter the program and meets the educational requirements outlined in division (D)(1)(b) of section 4701.06 of the Revised Code and rule 4701-3-03 of the Administrative Code.

(H) An "Ohio resident," for the purposes of this chapter, is an individual that is a United States citizen or permanent resident who is classified, or would be classified, as an Ohio resident for tuition purposes at an Ohio college or university.

Effective: 08/22/2010
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