Chapter 4703:1-2 Registration

4703:1-2-01 Requirements for registration by examination.

(A) All candidates for registration by examination shall be at least eighteen years of age and of good moral character. Candidates shall have a professional degree in landscape architecture required in section 4703.34 of the Revised Code and as set forth in this rule, completed the experience requirements as required under section 4703.34 of the Revised Code and as set forth herein and pass the examination required under section 4703.33 of the Revised Code and as set forth herein. Candidates are permitted to sit for any or all sections of the examination after completing the education requirements and prior to completing the experience requirements. Registration will not be issued until all requirements have been met.

(B) The professional degree shall be a degree from a landscape architectural curriculum accredited by the "Landscape Architectural Accrediting Board" or other accrediting agency approved by the board.

(C) The required experience shall be in areas directly related to landscape architecture and shall include experience in design, contract documents, contract administration and office management.

(D) The experience requirements may be fulfilled by completing three years of experience in landscape architecture in accordance with the following table and meet the following conditions:

(1) To earn the full experience credit allowed under category 1 or 2 of the table, the applicant must work full-time for a period of at least two months with one employer. Full-time means the applicant works for at least thirty-five hours per week.

(2) Credit for part-time employment will be given only if the applicant works for at least twenty hours per week for the equivalent of two months of full-time employment.

(3) No experience credit may be obtained prior to completion of the third year of an undergraduate professional degree program or prior to the completion of the first year of a graduate professional degree program with undergraduate degrees in another discipline.

(4) At least two years of experience credit must be obtained after completion of the education requirements.

(5) Evaluation of experience shall be at the discretion of the board and may require substantiation of the quality and character of the experience, not withstanding the fact that the applicant has complied with the technical requirements as set forth herein.

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(E) The registration examination.

(1) All applicants qualifying under section 4703.34 of the Revised Code and this rule and as required under section 4703.35 of the Revised Code shall pass the registration examination as administered by the council of landscape architectural registration boards ("CLARB") .

(2) The registration examination shall be a single examination comprised of multiple sections which shall be taken and passed by all candidates for registration by examination.

(3) The scope of the examinations shall be such as to determine the qualifications of the candidate to practice landscape architecture and shall cover such technical, professional and practical subjects as relate to the practice of the profession of landscape architecture and the basic arts and sciences, a knowledge of which is material and necessary to the proper understanding, application and qualification for the practice of the profession of landscape architecture.

(4) The examination shall be administered in accordance with instructions issued by the "CLARB". A copy of these instructions will be furnished to each candidate. The dates, times and location or locations of the examination will be determined by "CLARB".

(5) Each section of the registration examination stands alone and shall be passed singularly and independently of other sections of the examination.

(F) Retaking the registration examination.

Each candidate may retake failed sections of the examination an unlimited number of times upon reapplication on forms provided by the board and the payment of the required examination sand retake fees at each examination period.

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4703:1-2-02 Registration by reciprocity.

(A) Candidates for registration by reciprocity under section 4703.35 of the Revised Code shall have current registration in good standing in the state of original registration or the state of current residency or practice. The qualifications of the candidate must be substantially equivalent to those required in this state at the time of original registration.


Candidates for registration under section 4703.35 of the Revised Code shall hold a council record issued by the council of landscape architectural registration boards. Said record shall be curernt and in good standing. The candidate shall have their council record transmitted to the board.

(C) Personal appearance before the board, if requested by the board, shall be at the time and place designated by the board.

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