4703-1-02 Applications.

(A) All applications for registration must be made on forms furnished by the board. Applications for registration by examination or by reciprocity will be received at all times at the office of the board.

The application fee must accompany the application.

(B) Each applicant shall submit, or cause to be submitted with the application, authentic proof of the statements made therein, by attaching such documentary evidence, affidavits, registrar's statements, diplomas, employment verification forms, internship records, transcripts issued by the degree-granting authorities, published data, photographs, photocopies or other sworn or proven evidence as, in the discretion of the board, may be sufficient for the board to determine the applicant's eligibility to be admitted to the examination or for consideration of registration by reciprocity pursuant to section 4703.07 or 4703.08 of the Revised Code and rules 4703-2-05 and 4703-2-06 of the Administrative Code.

The board reserves the right to retain, as a permanent part of the application, any or all documents submitted, which shall be properly marked for identification and ownership. Original documents may be replaced by photocopies copies of such documents at the request and expense of the applicant.

(C) The board may require the personal appearance of the applicant at the time and place it designates.

(D) Failure to comply with the board's request for additional information within sixty days of such request or to appear before the board at the date and time established may be considered as just and sufficient cause for disapproval of the application.

(E) All applications shall be considered and accepted or rejected individually with the action taken on each application recorded in the minutes and an indication of the action taken placed with the application. The board reserves the right to establish or change the classification under which the applicant is claiming eligibility. A certificate of qualification shall be issued under only one classification.

Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 11/20/2014 and 10/31/2019
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4703.02
Rule Amplifies: 4703.07, 4703.08
Prior Effective Dates: 2/7/73, 11/4/77, 2/27/81, 6/25/90, 4/15/92, 11/1/94, 5/1/96, 7/1/2004, 7/29/2005, 9/5/2008