4703-2-03 Educational requirements and credits.

(A) Definitions

(1) "Professional degree" - means an architectural degree in a program which has been accredited by the "National Architectural Accrediting Board" not later than two years after the degree has been awarded.

(2) "EESA" Educational Evaluation Services for Architects, a service furnished by a private organization not affiliated with NCARB or any of its member boards.

(B) Educational requirements

(1) All candidates for registration by examination shall:

(a) Hold a professional degree in architecture; or

(b) Obtain an EESA-NCARB evaluation report stating that the applicant has met the NCARB Education Requirement. This clause is applicable only to applicants with a degree in the field of architecture granted by an academic institution outside of the United States and Canada.

Effective: 07/29/2005
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