Lawriter - OAC - 4703:1-3-05 Injunctions.

4703:1-3-05 Injunctions.

The Ohio landscape architects board is authorized, pursuant to section 4703.46 of the Revised Code, to apply for relief by injunction or restraining order to enjoin or restrain a person, firm, corporation, partnership, or any other group or combination of persons from the commission of any act which is prohibited by sections 4703.30 to 4703.52 of the Revised Code or by rules adopted by the board under sections 4703.30 to 4703.49 of the Revised Code that govern the standards of service, conduct, and practice to be followed in the practice of landscape architecture.

Effective: 10/10/2016
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 06/28/2016 and 10/10/2021
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4703.33
Rule Amplifies: 4703.46
Prior Effective Dates: 12/10/2002