Lawriter - OAC - 4709-3-03 Teaching staff.

4709-3-03 Teaching staff.

(A) No person shall be permitted to teach barbering in any barber school in the state, except as a registered barber holding a current Ohio barber license and who has qualified as hereinafter provided.

(B) Teacher

(1) The board shall only issue a barber teacher license to a person who meets all of the following requirements:

(a) Holds a current barber license issued pursuant to this chapter and has at least twelve months of work experience in a licensed barber shop;

(b) Meets such other requirements adopted by rule of the board;

(c) Passes the required examination;

(d) Pays the required fees;

(e) The board for good cause shown, may waive the requirement of one year employment;

(f) Should the applicant fail to pass the examination, he or she may continue to be employed. But may not reapply for the examination for a period of not less than one half year;

(g) A barber school shall terminate the employment of any teacher who fails to renew his or her teaching license upon expiration;

(h) The barber school shall display all teachers' licenses in a conspicuous place; and

(i) No barber school shall be approved by the board unless there are two licensed teachers employed full time. There must be a teacher in charge of each daily class. The student-teacher ratio shall not exceed twenty students per one teacher.

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