Lawriter - OAC - 4709-3-07 New schools.

4709-3-07 New schools.

(A) All applicants for a license for the operations of a barber school in the state shall apply to the board regarding the requirements for its operation and for the proper procedure to follow in making application for license.

(B) Upon written request, the executive director of the board shall issue a copy of Chapter 4709. of the Revised Code and a copy of Chapter 4709-3 of the Administrative Code. After carefully reading the material the applicant shall file with the executive director a floor plan in accordance with the board's rules. This floor plan must be professionally prepared in completed detail, showing the entire school and all plumbing, electrical and other mechanicals. All state and building codes must be met.

(C) Upon board approval of the final floor plan, the executive director shall issue a complete opening school package. The applicant shall fill out all appropriate sections of the material and submit it to the board for its review and approval before any building or remodeling shall commence. The entire package shall be completed on the forms provided by the board. No application shall be considered for action by the board unless properly submitted in accordance with all of the board's rules.

(D) In addition to administrative requests, the opening school package shall contain the following items:

(1) A list of all equipment, on the forms provided by the board, so that the board may determine the adequacy of the equipment in relation to the school's proposed enrollment;

(2) A list of reference materials sufficient for the proper training of all students;

(3) A copy of the schools' curriculum. Only a curriculum in compliance with the board's standards shall be approved;

(4) A list of all teachers, their intended courses of instruction, and a resume of each teacher stating his/her qualifications for teaching the subjects listed, assistant teachers shall be so designated;

(5) A copy of all types of proposed advertisements for board approval prior to the release of such advertisement;

(6) Copies of the school's contracts, policies of the school, and time sheets for students' daily records. Only those items approved for use by the board shall be allowed. Any changes shall be approved by the board prior to use in the school;

(7) A statement of financial responsibility demonstrating a financial worth sufficient to establish a school and ensure the proper teaching of at least ten students. This financial statement shall be prepared and signed by a public accountant, and shall be filed with a financial operating plan for the first fiscal year's operation;

(8) A statement from a bonding company certifying that a ten-thousand dollar bond has been posted. Every bond shall continue in effect until notice of its termination is given to the board by registered mail. The bond shall be maintained as long as the school is in operation;

(9) A statement of plumbing approval from the state department of industrial relations;

(10) A preliminary inspection report if authorized by the executive director of the board;

(11) A final inspection report prepared by the board or its authorized agent verifying the statements made by the applicant in his or her opening school package;

(12) No barber school established after the adoption of this chapter shall enroll more than ten students until the board finds that such school has a sufficient number of patrons to provide the training for all students in general barbering practice required by this chapter. No such barber school shall increase its enrollment without the approval of the board; and

(13) Applicants for a barber school license may not advertise the school for enrollment or clinic services and may not enroll students until officially licensed by the board.

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Statutory Authority: 4709.05
Rule Amplifies: 4709.10, 4709.12
Prior Effective Dates: 11/19/87, 10/23/92, 08/09/02