Lawriter - OAC - 4713-19-14 Training of operators and employees.

4713-19-14 Training of operators and employees.

(A) Each tanning facility shall have an operator who possesses a valid and current certificate of formal training, as defined in rule 4713-19-02 of the Administrative Code, on duty at all times. Formal training courses for operators must meet the requirements of paragraph (D) of rule 4713-19-02 of the Administrative Code. A board approved and provided certificate shall be maintained within the facility and be available for inspection upon request.

(B) In addition to the requirements of paragraph (D) of rule 4713-19-02 of the Administrative Code, each formal training course shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Each course shall be at least four hours in length. This four hours shall not include items such as registration, lunch, marketing, profit-making strategies, advertising and accounting, taking a test, or similar functions;

(2) Each course shall include written material which covers the required subjects.

The written material shall consist of a core training manual, a copy of Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1040, Section 1040.20, April 1, 2012. In classroom courses may include an audio-visual presentation covering the required subjects. The board approved provider shall provide copies of all required materials to each individual taking the course and conclude with an examination at a monitored testing site;

(3) Courses may be provided in person, web based or as a correspondence course. However, the individual taking any version of the course shall take and pass an examination at a monitored site. This examination may be administered either web based or as a written examination.. An individual shall score a minimum of seventy-five percent in order to receive their certificate of completion. The monitoring process for the examination shall be approved by the board as part of the board's process of approving education courses;

(4) Each course will be processed through the board's continuing education (CE) process. As set forth in paragraph (I) of rule 4713-21-09 of the Administrative Code, the board may suspend, revoke or deny the approval of a provider of certification's permission to offer certification in Ohio.

(C) Each certified operator who assists customers or operates tanning devices shall be trained on the proper operation and maintenance of tanning devices. The operator of the tanning facility is responsible for training those attendants or ensuring that those attendants take an approved training course. When the operator provides employee training, that training shall include:

(1) Review of the requirements of Chapter 4713-19 of the Administrative Code;

(2) Procedures for correct cleaning, sanitizing and operation of the device;

(3) Recognition of overexposure or similar injury;

(4) Review of manufacturer's procedures for operation and maintenance of tanning devices;

(5) Medical aspects of ultraviolet radiation, maximum allowable time of exposure, and determination of human skin types as it relates to compliance use of the FDA exposure schedule; and

(6) Emergency procedures in case of overexposure or injury.

(D) Operators and other facility personnel required to comply with the training requirements of this chapter, shall successfully complete the required training and shall pass the examination for the course with a minimum score of seventy-five per cent according to the following:

Operators hired on or after the effective date of this chapter shall successfully complete the required training and successfully achieve a minimum score of seventy-five per cent on the required examination prior to taking charge of a facility;

(E) The board shall approve any training course offered by a provider prior to an individual or organization or other legal person offering the course in Ohio. Any individual or organization seeking to obtain board approval shall submit copies of all training materials to be used in the offered training course in Ohio. The materials submitted shall include the credentials of trainers and persons compiling the training materials, a copy of the course curriculum, copies of written materials to be received by trainees, and a course outline indicating the length of time in which any version of a course shall be conducted. The board shall review the materials and inform the applicant of its findings within forty-five days from receipt of all training materials. If it is necessary to make changes to a training course that has been reviewed and approved by the board, those changes shall be submitted to the board for consideration.

(F) The board shall approve the certificate of completion that shall be issued to trainees completing and passing the certified operators training class.

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Effective: 3/26/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 11/01/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4713.08
Rule Amplifies: 4713.08 , 4713.48
Prior Effective Dates: 1/17/02 , 11/1/2013