Lawriter - OAC - 4713-6-02 Eligible participants.

4713-6-02 Eligible participants.

(A) All schools in good standing with the board may participate in the internship program at their sole discretion. Schools may direct and set limits on total hours and days of the week.

(B) The amount of clock hour credit earned by a student in an internship program shall not exceed ten per cent of the total course hours necessary for completion of the specific program.

(C) Students shall have completed at least fifty per cent of their required program hours before they are eligible to participate in the internship program. All hours earned while participating in the internship program shall only be applied to the clinic portion of the student's required curriculum. The following additional restrictions apply:

(1) Students shall only provide certified services. "Certified services" means services that a student has been authorized by the school to provide after successfully passing a theory and practical test for each service rendered to the public;

(2) Students shall be in good standing at the school;

(3) Students shall have written permission from their parents, if they are minors; and

(4) Students shall have met the schools eligibility requirements.

(D) Salons shall have a licensee with at least five or more years of experience within the scope of practice of cosmetology of the intern present when an intern is present in the salon.

(1) At no time shall an intern work in a salon without an experienced licensee as set forth in this rule being present and in direct and immediate supervision of the work of the intern.

(2) For each intern in a salon, the salon shall have one experienced licensee in direct and immediate supervision of the intern as set forth in this rule. No licensee shall supervise more than one intern at a time.

(3) A salon shall only provide training to an intern for services that are offered to the public as part of the salon's service menu.

(E) Schools or salons that violate any part of Chapter 4713-6 of the Administrative Code shall be ineligible to participate in the internship program for one year after the violation has been resolved.

Effective: 2/16/2018
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 4/3/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4713.08(A)(20), 4713.08(A)(13), 4713.08(A)(1)
Rule Amplifies: 4713.28, 4713.45, 4713.44, 4713.41, 4713.30
Prior Effective Dates: 4/1/2001, 1/10/2004, 2/28/2014, 04/3/2017