Lawriter - OAC - 4713-6-04 School-salon internship agreement.

4713-6-04 School-salon internship agreement.

The school and salon shall have a written agreement to delineate responsibilities, which shall include the following at minimum:

(A) Salon licensees shall assess student capabilities before allowing them to work on customers. Salons shall provide a written assessment to the school on forms provided by the board.

(B) All assessments of hours shall be done in increments of not more than sixty hours . All internship hours shall be assessed.

(C) Salons shall inform all clients of the student's intern status before the student provides any services on a client of the salon.

(D) Salons shall require that all interns wear a visible board identification card when in the salon.

(E) Salons shall not pay interns for any work performed while interning.

(F) Students shall be required to maintain a daily journal of all services, jobs, and tasks performed by the student during the internship. The salon must sign off or initial each page to verify the accuracy of the entries. The school shall review the journal on a regular basis for evaluation purposes.

(G) Salons shall use a sign in/out form provided by the board to track the hours of each student intern. Salons shall ensure that each intern is at all times under the "direct and immediate supervision" as defined in paragraph (C) of rule 4713-6-01 of the Administrative Code.

(H) The school and the salon shall have a signed training agreement and a completed training plan on file. Schools shall provide salons with an intership packet that includes the laws and rules governing the practice of cosmetology and branches of cosmetology in the state of Ohio, the school's policies and procedures, and the student certifications required to participate in the internship program.

(I) Students shall be scheduled for at least three hours and students shall not exceed an aggregate ten hours per day as required by section 4713.32 of the Revised Code.

(J) The agreement shall have a non-discrimination clause.

Effective: 4/3/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 01/13/2017 and 04/03/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4713.08(A)(1), (A)(13), (A)(20)
Rule Amplifies: 4713.28, 4713.30, 4713.41, 4713.44, 4713.45
Prior Effective Dates: 4/1/01, 1/10/04, 2/28/14