4715-13-03 False, fraudulent, or misleading statements.

The following statements or similar words or phrases are prohibited:

(A) False statements that a specified number of patients have received services from a certain licensee.

(B) False statements regarding superior outcomes achieved for patients by a certain licensee.

(C) Statements that a certain dentist is a specialist, or specializes in any branch of dentistry or limits his practice to any branch of dentistry or area of practice, or is a diplomate, or is an orthodontist, oral surgeon, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, pedodontist, pediatric dentist, endodontist, prosthodontist, oral pathologist, or public health dentist, or any other similar statement which implies that the dentist is a specialist or limits his practice unless such dentist shall have complied with the provisions of rule 4715-5-04 of the Administrative Code;

(D) The statement that a "nurse" and/oror "dental nurse" is in attendance, unless such nurse is a graduate licensed and registered nurse;

(E) A statement by a general dentist which lists or otherwise announces that the dentist renders specific types of services unless the statement also includes the phrase "General Dentist" at least as prominently as the list of announcement of specific types of services and shall be directly after or below his name (i.e John Doe, D.D.S., General Dentist).

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/12/2013 and 11/01/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4715.03
Rule Amplifies: 4715.19, 4715.30
Prior Effective Dates: 08/01/74, 03/26/79, 05/07/86 (Emer.), 10/23/95 (Emer), 01/27/96, 04/07/00