4715-40-03 Eligibility requirements for participation in the quality intervention program (QUIP).

(A) An individual may participate in the quality intervention program if all of the following apply;

(1) The board determines that the public will be adequately protected from unsafe practice if the licensee enters QUIP;

(2) The individual has not been the subject of formal disciplinary action by any regulatory board or entity located in Ohio or in another jurisdiction, unless the board determines that the previous disciplinary action was for a violation which should not preclude participation in QUIP;

(3) The individual is not concurrently under investigation by the board for violation of Chapter 4715. of the Revised Code or the rules of the board which does not constitute a practice deficiency;

(4) The individual can provide documentation satisfactory to the board of having completed the continuing education required by Chapter 4715. of the Revised Code and the rules of the board for a period of time not to exceed the three years immediately preceding consideration of the eligibility for QUIP;

(5) The board determines that the nature of the individual's identified practice deficiency is such that it may be corrected through education and/or remediation;

(6) The individual holds a current valid license issued by the board;

(7) The individual is eligible to renew the license issued by the board;

(8) The board has determined that the licensee does not have any identified impairment that would significantly affect learning abilities or the ability of the licensee to incorporate learned knowledge and skills into the licensee's practice; and

(9) The individual agrees in writing to be considered for participation in QUIP.

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