Lawriter - OAC - 4715-40-06 Requirements for educational provider(s) offering remediation for the quality intervention program (QUIP).

4715-40-06 Requirements for educational provider(s) offering remediation for the quality intervention program (QUIP).

(A) The board shall utilize educational provider(s) as defined in paragraph (B) of rule 4715-40-01 of the Administrative Code to provide the education and/or remediation recommended for a participant in the quality intervention program (QUIP).

(B) Prior to the participant's entry into the intended education and/or remediation, the educational provider(s) selected shall provide to QUIP the proposed education and/or remediation program which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) An outline of the education and/or remediation program content;

(2) The number of didactic hours, if applicable;

(3) The number of clinical hours, if applicable;

(4) The education and/or remediation program description;

(5) The method of evaluation;

(6) The projected time frame for completing the education and/or remediation program;

(C) The educational provider(s) shall:

(1) Maintain the confidentiality of the participant's participation in QUIP and of all records associated with the participant's specific educational intervention;

(2) Timely review the information provided by QUIP which sets forth the specific prescribed educational intervention needed by the participant;

(3) Report to QUIP regarding the participant's progress in education and/or remediation at the intervals specified by QUIP;

(4) Notify QUIP in writing within five days of the occurance of any of the following:

(a) Failure of the participant to satisfactorily progress through the educational intervention in the manner and during the time frame prescribed by the board; or

(b) Failure of the participant to successfully complete the prescribed educational intervention; or

(c) The participant's termination from the intervention.

When notification is provided to QUIP in accordance with this paragraph, the educational provider(s) shall provide to QUIP, within fourteen days after notification, evidence which documents the participant's failure to progress through, completion of, or termination of the prescribed educational intervention.

(5) Provide written verification to QUIP when the participant successfully completes the educational intervention; and

(6) Provide a means acceptable to the board for the participant to complete the educational intervention if the provider ceases to provide the intervention.

(D) An educational provider that has agreed to offer educational interventions shall notify QUIP of its planned intent to cease providing interventions six months immediately prior to the scheduled termination.

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