Lawriter - OAC - 4717-7-05 Embalming facilities.

4717-7-05 Embalming facilities.

Requirements for embalming facility license:

(A) Any person desiring to operate an embalming facility shall apply to the board on a form provided by the board, include the appropriate license fee, and establish that:

(1) The facility is at a fixed place or location;

(2) The embalming facility is adequately equipped and maintained in a sanitary manner. The embalming room at the facility shall contain only the articles, facilities, and instruments necessary for its stated purpose. The embalming room shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and used only for the care and preparation of dead human bodies. The minimal requirements for the embalming room shall be as follows:

(a) Sanitary floor;

(b) All instruments and appliances used in the embalming of a dead human body shall be thoroughly cleansed and sterilized using an appropriate disinfectant immediately at the conclusion of each individual case;

(c) Running hot and cold water with a sink for personal hygiene;

(d) Exhaust fan and intake vent, permanently installed and operable with the capacity to change the air in the room at least fifteen times each hour;

(e) Sanitary plumbing connected with sewer, cesspool, septic tank, or other department of health approved system;

(f) Porcelain, stainless steel, metal-lined or fiberglass operating table;

(g) All opening windows and outside doors shall be adequately screened and shielded from outside viewing;

(h) All hydro-aspirators or electric aspirators shall be equipped with at least one air breaker;

(i) Containers for refuse, trash and soiled linens shall be adequately covered or sealed at all times;

(j) First-aid kit and eyewash;

(k) The embalming or preparation room shall be strictly private. A "private" sign shall be posted on the door(s) entering the preparation room. No one shall be allowed therein while the body is being embalmed except the embalmers, funeral directors, apprentices and other authorized persons and officials in discharge of their duties;

(l) All waste materials, refuse, used bandages and cotton shall be destroyed in accordance with all applicable OSHA and EPA regulations;

(m) Every person, while engaged in actually embalming a dead human body, shall be attired in a clean and sanitary smock or gown covering the person from the neck to below the knees and shall, while so engaged, wear impervious rubber gloves;

(n) All bodies in the preparation room shall be treated with proper care and dignity and shall be properly covered at all times;

(o) Ingress and egress of the preparation room shall be situated so that functions in the funeral home shall not impede or interfere with entering or exiting said room; and

(p) Sufficient emergency lighting.

(3) The board shall issue a license to operate an embalming facility only for the address at which the embalming facility is to operate and shall issue said license only to an embalmer who is actually in charge of the facility.

(4) The holder of a embalming facility license shall submit to the board written notification, within ten days of any termination of an embalmer actually in charge of the embalming facility. Except in extenuating circumstances, and with approval of the board, no embalming facility is to operate without an embalmer actually in charge of the embalming facility for more than thirty days after the written notification is filed with the board, however, a change of an embalmer actually in charge of the embalming facility does not require a new license. The holder of the embalming facility license shall submit an amendment naming a new embalmer actually in charge of the embalming facility within thirty days of filing the written notification with the board. Any embalming facility that fails to comply with this rule shall cease operations.

Effective: 6/19/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 03/27/2017 and 06/19/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4717.04
Rule Amplifies: 4717.06
Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/01, 11/10/05, 4/10/11