4723-14-08 General requirements for an Ohio board of nursing (OBN) approver.

(A) A provider unit, headquartered in Ohio, that has been operating for a minimum of three years may apply to the board to become an OBN approver of continuing education if it is:

(1) A nursing or dialysis technician organization;

(2) A nursing education program;

(3) A dialysis technician training program; or

(4) A nursing or dialysis technician continuing education department.

(B) The OBN approver applicant shall demonstrate to the board its ability to

determine that a provider of continuing education meets the standards set forth in this chapter.

(C) Upon approval by the board, an OBN approver will be issued an approver number.

(D) An OBN approver must use its assigned approver number on all written material and must have a mechanism to ensure that all providers approved by the OBN approver use the number .

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