4723-5-05 Program reports to the board.

(A) An annual report for each program with full approval or provisional approval during a reporting period shall:

(1) Be completed by the administrator of the program;

(2) Be submitted in a format prescribed by the board;

(3) Be in accordance with a schedule determined by the board; and

(4) Include documentation of meeting and maintaining the requirements of this chapter, and a list of all locations where all or part of the theory components of the curriculum are taught.

(B) When requested by the board, the administrator of the program shall submit progress reports or periodic supplemental reports, completed questionnaires and surveys, and other documents that shall include the information requested by the board. The administrator of the program shall complete all surveys or questionnaires requested by the board to verify compliance with this chapter.

(C) Failure to submit a report as required by the board may result in a change of the program's approval status in accordance with rule 4723-5-04 of the Administrative Code.

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Rule Amplifies: 4723.06
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