4723-7-03 Authorization to test, accommodations, retesting, and notification.

(A) If the board determines an applicant is eligible to take the examination it shall request that the testing service issue the applicant an authorization to test.

(1) The testing service shall issue an authorization to test to each eligible applicant.

(2) An eligible applicant who has received an authorization to test must contact the testing service to schedule a time to take the examination.

(B) If an eligible applicant fails to take the examination within one year from the date the authorization to test was issued, the authorization is void, and the applicant must submit a new application for licensure by examination to the board and complete the registration process for the examination required by the testing service.

(C) The national council of state boards of nursing may grant accommodations for the examination related to the applicant's disability. In order to be considered for accommodations, the board must receive the following:

(1) A letter from the applicant that includes information regarding the specific type of disability involved, the specific type of accommodations requested and the applicant's contact information;

(2) A letter from the applicant's nursing education program administrator stating that accommodations of the same type that the applicant is requesting were provided to the applicant during the nursing education program, unless the disability occurred after the completion of the program; and

(3) Documentation submitted to the board directly from a qualified professional with expertise in the area of diagnosed disability, on the professional's letterhead including:

(a) Recent reports, diagnostic test results, interpretations of test results, evaluations and assessments of the applicant demonstrating the need for accommodations due to a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities; and

(b) Information regarding the history of the disability, its impact on the applicant's ability to function, and past accommodations granted to the applicant, if any.

(D) The board shall notify the applicant of the results of the examination as reported by the testing service.

(E) If an applicant fails the examination, the board shall inform the applicant of the right to repeat the examination. To repeat the examination, the individual shall:

(1) Apply for licensure by examination to the board and meet all requirements as set forth in this chapter, including submitting an application on the form required by the board, located at http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/forms.htm (revised October 2013), and the application fee required by section 4723.08 of the Revised Code; and

(2) Complete the registration process for examination required by the testing service.

(F) If the applicant passes the examination, the board shall issue a license if the applicant has:

(1) Completed all requirements for licensure required by this chapter and section 4723.09 of the Revised Code;

(2) Has not committed any act that may be grounds for disciplinary action under section 4723.28 of the Revised Code ; and

(3) Is not ineligible for licensure under section 4723.09 of the Revised Code based on conviction of, plea of guilty to, or judicial finding of guilt for any violation set forth in section 4723.092 of the Revised Code, or based on status as a sex offender required to register under Chapter 2950. of the Revised Code or a substantially similar law of another state, the United States, or another country.

(G) The board shall send reports of the testing results to nursing education programs for their graduates on a schedule established by the board.

Effective: 02/01/2014
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 10/15/2016
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4723.07
Rule Amplifies: 4723.06, 4723.08, 4723.09, 4723.10
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