4725-15-01 Required course of study in pharmacology.

The board will recognize candidates as qualified to take the pharmacology examination in accordance with the following:

(A) All applicants for the pharmacology examination must document to the board successful completion of at least fifty-seven clock hours of study in general and ocular pharmacology. That study shall include the nature of adverse reactions caused by topical ocular pharmaceutical agents and emergency steps to be taken in such cases, signs and symptoms of ocular disease, ocular signs and symptoms of systemic disease, appropriate criteria for referrals to physicians, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

(B) All of the hours of study required as a prerequisite to the pharmacology examination must have been completed at an institution accredited by a regional or professional accreditation organization that is recognized or approved by the council on postsecondary accreditation" or the United States department of education or its successor. Candidates must document this requirement by submitting a valid certificate of completion of the study

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Statutory Authority: 4725.09

Rule Amplifies: 4725.09 , 4725.12

Prior Effective Dates: 6/25/84, 6/1/99