Lawriter - OAC - 4725-3-09 Issuance of license certificates and renewal cards.

4725-3-09 Issuance of license certificates and renewal cards.

(A) The board shall prepare and provide to each new licensee a certificate of licensure to practice optometry in the state of Ohio. Additional Licenses that are required under Chapter 4725. Of the Revised Code shall be issued at the time the applicant qualifies for the specific license. The certificates shall be signed by the required board members and affixed with the official seal of the board.

(B) Each year, after initial licensure, the licensee will receive a renewal card showing the name of the licensee, the license number(s) and the date of expiration. Official renewal cards shall bear the signature of the president of the board or the executive director.

(C) Any certificate or renewal card issued by the board shall remain the property of the board and shall be surrendered to the board on demand.

(D) The licensee shall not make any alteration on any certificate or a renewal card issued by the board nor shall permit any alterations to be made.

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Prior Effective Dates: 6/1/99

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