4725-5-16 Display of name and office requirements.

The name or all names of optometrists practicing at a location must be prominently displayed to the public. The minimum requirement is the licensee's name and O.D., or optometrist or doctor of optometry.

If optometrists are employed by another optometrist, the minimum requirement is to display the name of the employing optometrist responsible for the administration of examinations at each such location with the names of examining optometrists posted at the entrances to exam rooms.

The provisions outlined in the above two paragraphs are not required if an optometrist is in practice at a health maintenance organization, public health clinic, clinic affiliated with a school of optometry, a hospital, licensed health care facility, or as a consultant to industry or an educational facility. In these locations the optometrist will wear an identifying name plate when in direct patient contact and give the patient a prescription with the required identifying information.

An optometrist has the responsibility to establish and maintain a safe and hygienic office adequately equipped to provide full optometric services within the scope of the licensure of the practitioner. The board requires the following minimum equipment needed to provide a full scope examination which shall include, but not be limited to, tonometer, slit lamp, and instrumentation to examine the retina and to perform visual fields. All optometric examination locations shall be equipped with adequate hand washing facilities on location for use by optometrists and patients.

Failure to display identity to the public or to maintain a safe and hygienic office adequately equipped constitutes "dishonesty or unprofessional conduct" as that phrase is used in section 4725.19 of the Revised Code.

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