4725-5-17 Notification of examination services to patient.

Each optometrist who conducts an eye examination for a patient shall be responsible for providing the patient with certain information prior to and during the course of the examination to permit the patient to make informed decisions.

(A) The usual and customary fees for an eye examination will be defined for the patient, which will include the cost of an examination for spectacles or for contact lenses. The professional fees for a contact lens examination will include all procedures, tests and fitting requirements that are customarily required in a standard examination to obtain all information needed to produce a valid contact lens prescription.

(B) No licensed optometrist will conduct a spectacle examination and write on the spectacle prescription "approved for contact lens" or any other similar wording.

(C) In conducting a standard eye examination the use of dilating agents or topical ocular pharmaceutical agents will be included in the usual and customary fee and not identified as a separate or additional cost. This in no way limits or prohibits the charge of an additional fee to a patient for extended tests or procedures which require the use of these agents and are deemed necessary as a result of the standard eye examination. The use of dilating agents or topical ocular pharmaceutical agents in conducting an eye examination will be at the professional judgment of the examining optometrist.

(D) In advertising the price of an eye examination for contact lenses, the advertisement will include full information on the usual and customary fees normally required to provide the patient with a valid prescription and any requirements on the part of the patient. This in no way prohibits charging additional fees required for extended tests, procedures or visits found necessary as the result of the standard examination. Any additional tests or procedures performed will be included in the patient's medical records.

Failure to disclose the required information on providing professional services to the patient or in advertising eye examinations constitutes "dishonesty or unprofessional conduct" as that phrase is used in section 4725.19 of the Revised Code.

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