Lawriter - OAC - 4725-7-04 Permitted.

4725-7-04 Permitted.

An optometrist may permit an unlicensed person to perform the following duties in the optometric practice:

(A) Manufacture a rigid contact lens upon the written prescription of a licensed optometrist or physician, which prescription includes, as a minimum, the following: base curve, peripheral curve or curves (including curvature and width), over-all diameter, optical zone diameter, power, center thickness, color and material.

(B) Modify a contact lens upon written detailed instructions of the optometrist or physician.

(C) Verify finished lens(s) parameters prescribed by the optometrist in the practice, lenses prescribed elsewhere, or brought to the practice by prospective patients.

(D) Teach contact lens hygiene and lens care.

(E) Teach contact lens insertion and removal techniques.

(F) Order or dispense contact lenses based upon the written prescription specifications of the language contained in rule 4725-7-01 of the Administrative Code.

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