Lawriter - OAC - 4725-7-05 Not permitted.

4725-7-05 Not permitted.

An optometrist shall not permit an unlicensed person to perform the following duties in the optometric practice:

(A) Make the determination as to whether or not a patient may safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

(B) Evaluate the physical fit of a contact lens through the use of a "black light" and fluorescein or any similar substance.

(C) Evaluate the physical fit of a contact lens through the use of a biomicroscope or other similar instrument with magnification qualities.

(D) Use a phoropter or hand-held lenses of any type for the purpose of determining the prescription or change in the prescription necessary for any optical accessory.

(E) Use a spectacle prescription or a prescription determined through the use of a lensometer, or its equivalent, on a pair of spectacles as a basis for designing, manufacturing or duplicating a new contact lens.

(F) Prescribe a schedule of wearing time for a patient.

(G) In any way attempt to exercise professional judgment or exercise professional skills which constitute the practice of optometry.

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