Lawriter - OAC - 4725-9-03 Board approval of continuing education.

4725-9-03 Board approval of continuing education.

Continuing education programs must meet the following requirements in order to receive board approval and credit.

(A) Programs shall relate to the practice of optometry that will contribute to the advancement, extension and enhancement of professional skill, clinical and scientific knowledge of the participants and enable them to render continuously better and more comprehensive optometric service to the recipients of their care.

(B) Speakers, lecturers and others participating in the presentation of the programs must be recognized as possessing requisite qualifications and being expert and of recognized repute in their area of instruction.

(C) Programs shall be available to all Ohio optometrists. Limitations may be necessary based on space, time or format of presentation and must be so noted on application. Any program that is too restrictive may be denied approval.

(D) Programs cannot be used to market the sponsor's/presenter's products or services.

(E) The board will not approve for continuing education credit lectures or articles written by the optometrist requesting the credit.

(F) Practice management and/or ethics jurisprudence courses are approved for a maximum of two hours continuing education credit in any one compliance year.

(G) Written home study or electronic media (cd-rom, internet, webinars) courses will receive credit when the board is provided a record showing results of tests given on the course which is graded by an accredited optometric college or institution as approved by the board. No more than ten hours credit will be granted in this category in any one year unless the optometrist can document inability to attend live, on-site courses. This does not preclude a presenter from using electronic media programs in conjunction with their presentation.

(H) One hour of credit requires at least fifty minutes of instruction.

(I) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation refresher training is acceptable for up to three hours credit for any one continuing education period once every two years. The three hours can be utilized for pharmacology continuing education compliance.

(J) Grand rounds, surgery observation, and other procedure oriented methods may be approved for continuing education credit. No more than eight hours credit will be granted in this category in any one year .

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