4726 [Rescinded] Ohio Vision Professional Board

Chapter 4726-1 [Rescinded] General Provisions

Chapter 4726-3 [Rescinded] Definitions

Chapter 4726-5 [Rescinded] Application for Licensure

Chapter 4726-7 [Rescinded] Licensure and Renewal Procedures

Chapter 4726-9 [Rescinded] Approval of Continuing Education

Chapter 4726-11 [Rescinded] Continuing Education

Chapter 4726-13 [Rescinded] Standards of Practice

Chapter 4726-15 [Rescinded] Causes of Action

Chapter 4726-17 [Rescinded] College Program

Chapter 4726-19 [Rescinded] Denial of License and Discipline

Chapter 4726-20 [Rescinded] Examinations, Licensure and Fees