4729 State Board of Pharmacy

Chapter 4729-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 4729-2 Meetings.

Chapter 4729-3 Pharmacy Interns.

Chapter 4729-4 Pharmacy Technician Training Program.

Chapter 4729-5 Pharmacists-Administrative Provisions.

Chapter 4729-6 Impaired Pharmacists.

Chapter 4729-7 Continuing Education.

Chapter 4729-8 Prescription Drug Collection.

Chapter 4729-9 Dangerous Drugs.

Chapter 4729-10 Nonresident Terminal Distributors of Dangerous Drugs.

Chapter 4729-11 Controlled Substance Schedules.

Chapter 4729-12 Ephedrine and Ephedrine-Containing Products.

Chapter 4729-13 Approved Laboratories.

Chapter 4729-14 Animal Shelters.

Chapter 4729-15 Nuclear Pharmacies.

Chapter 4729-16 Sterile Compounded Drugs Provided by an Outsourcing Facility.

Chapter 4729-17 Institutional and Health Care Facilities.

Chapter 4729-19 Sterile Product Prescriptions.

Chapter 4729-21 Compressed Medical Gases.

Chapter 4729-22 Oxygen.

Chapter 4729-25 Nitrous Oxide.

Chapter 4729-27 Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions.

Chapter 4729-29 Management of Drug Therapy under Consult Agreement with Physician.

Chapter 4729-31 Fluid Therapy Pharmacies.

Chapter 4729-33 Emergency Medical Services.

Chapter 4729-35 Drug Repository Programs.

Chapter 4729-36 Charitable Pharmacy.

Chapter 4729-37 Drug Database.