Lawriter - OAC - 4729-33-04 Record keeping.

4729-33-04 Record keeping.

(A) All emergency medical service (EMS) organizations are required to keep complete and accurate records for at least three years of receipt, use, administration, destruction, and waste of dangerous drugs. These records must be readily available for inspection by state board of pharmacy agents or inspectors as per section 3719.27 of the Revised Code and rule 4729-5-29 of the Administrative Code.

(B) Records from satellites may be stored at the headquarters if prior notice is sent to the board office. A letter requesting storage of records at the headquarters must be sent to the state board of pharmacy office by verifiable delivery. The board will notify the organization of the board's approval or denial of the request within sixty days.

(C) Records of oxygen transfilling shall include the manufacturer's lot number of the oxygen used for transfilling the portable oxygen tanks.

(D) If there is a recall of oxygen by the manufacturer, all portable oxygen tanks that may have any of that lot number shall be dealt with according to the manufacturer's recommendations; but, in all such cases, such portable oxygen tanks must be purged and then refilled.

(E) A readily retrievable record of controlled substances shall be kept containing documentation of administration, use, or waste of the controlled substances. Such records shall contain at least the following information:

(1) The name, strength, and quantity of the controlled substance administered, used, or wasted;

(2) The date of administration, use, or waste;

(3) The name or other means of identifying the patient, such as medical record number or run number;

(4) The signature and identification number of the individual administering the controlled substance;

(5) In the case of waste, the signatures and identification numbers of both individuals involved in wasting the controlled substance.

(F) If a computerized record keeping system is being utilized to document any drug transactions, including but not limited to the receipt, use, administration, destruction, and wastage, then the system must have "positive identification", pursuant to paragraph (N) of rule 4729-5-01 of the Administrative Code, of the individual responsible for the drug transaction and be approved by the state board of pharmacy.

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