Lawriter - OAC - 4729:11-3-04. Continuing education

4729:11-3-04. Continuing education

(A) Licensed HME services providers shall provide ten contact hours of continuing education per renewal cycle for staff rendering home medical equipment services.
(B) Of the number of continuing education contact hours required, one contact hour shall include subject content on infection control, equipment cleaning standards and cleaning agents, rotation of inventory, or equipment separation requirements. The remaining contact hours must be relevant to the HME services rendered. The following are acceptable sources of continuing education:
(1) In-service education developed and taught by the licensed HME services provider.
(2) In-service education developed and taught by a HME manufacturer.
(3) Continuing education approved by any organization recognized by the board that offers continuing education relevant to HME services rendered.
(C) Any organization that provides HME continuing education may apply to the board to be recognized as an authorized continuing education provider. Request for recognition must be made in writing to the board and must include an overview of the organization and an outline of the continuing education courses provided by the organization, including course content.
(D) Documentation of all completed continuing education courses taken by each staff member must be maintained in the employee's personnel file for three years from the date of completion and shall made readily retrievable.

In-service continuing education credits shall be documented for employed staff involved in HME service delivery to the public. Records of attendance and completion shall include any of the following:

(1) Sign in logs;
(2) Agendas and training manuals;
(3) Certificates of completion; or
(4) Online completion logs/rosters.

Replaces: 4761:1-13-01

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History. Effective: 12/15/2019
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Statutory Authority: 4752.17
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