4730-1-03 Duties of a supervising physician.

(A) The physician supervising a physician assistant assumes legal liability for the services provided by the physician assistant under a board-approved supervision agreement. A supervision agreement shall be terminated by one of the following means:

(1) The supervising physician fails to renew the supervision agreement;

(2) The physician notifies the board, in writing, that the supervision agreement has been terminated; or

(3) The certificate to practice held by either the physician or the physician assistant is inactive due to failure to renew or for any other reason.

(B) The supervising physician may enter into supervision agreements with any number of physician assistants, but shall not supervise more than two physician assistants at any one time.

(C) A supervising physician may authorize the physician assistant to perform a service only if all the following criteria are met:

(1) The supervising physician has a board-approved supervision agreement with the physician assistant;

(2) The service is listed on the board-approved physician supervisory plan or special services plan, if the practice is an office-based practice, or is in accordance with the policies of the health care facility in which the physician and physician assistant are practicing;

(3) The service is within the supervising physician's normal course of practice;

(4) The supervising physician is satisfied that the physician assistant is capable of competently performing the service; and

(5) The supervising physician is authorized to perform the service.

(D) When on-site supervision or direct supervision of the physician assistant is not required under rule 4730-1-04 of the Administrative Code, the supervisory plan or special services plan approved by the board, or the policies of the health care facility in which the supervising physician and physician assistant are practicing, the supervising physician shall be continuously available for direct communication with the physician assistant by either of the following means:

(1) Being physically present at the location where the physician assistant is practicing; or

(2) Being in a location that under normal conditions is not more than sixty minutes travel time away from the practice location of the physician assistant and being readily available to the physician assistant through some means of telecommunication.

(E) The supervising physician shall perform all of the following supervisory activities:

(1) Personally and actively review the physician assistant's professional activities;

(2) Regularly review the condition of the patients treated by the physician assistant;

(3) Regularly perform any other reviews of the physician assistant that the supervising physician considers necessary;

(4) Establish, in consultation with each physician assistant supervised by the physician, implement, and maintain a quality assurance system, in accordance with the requirements of rule 4730-1-05 of the Administrative Code;

(5) Only grant prescriptive authority to a physician assistant in compliance with the formulary adopted in rule by the board;

(6) Supervise the physician assistant's provisional period of prescriptive authority in accordance with rule 4730-2-04 of the Administrative Code; and

(7) Maintain a written record of the following:

(a) Any conditions placed upon a specific physician assistant's practice in an office-based practice.

(b) Any limitations imposed in addition to any limitations applicable under the policies of a health care facility.

(8) Make the written record of conditions and/or limitations required in paragraph (E)(7) of this rule available upon request of the board or any health care professional working with the supervising physician and physician assistant.

Effective: 10/31/2007
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 10/31/2012
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4730.07
Rule Amplifies: 4730.21 , 4730.22