Lawriter - OAC - 4730-1-05 Quality assurance system.

4730-1-05 Quality assurance system.

(A) A quality assurance system shall be developed to assess the physician assistant's performance.

(B) The quality assurance system shall describe the process to be used for all of the following:

(1) Review by the physician of selected patient record entries made by the physician assistant and selected medical orders issued by the physician assistant, to include, at a minimum, all of the following:

(a) Assessment of the medical history and physical examination documented in the record;

(b) Assessment of the appropriateness of the diagnosis and treatment plan based on the medical history and physical examination documented in the record;

(c) Feedback to the physician assistant concerning appropriateness of the physician assistant's prescriptive decisions; and

(d) Assessment of whether the physician assistant is practicing according to the supervisory plan or the policies of the health care facility, as applicable.

(2) Discussion of complex cases;

(3) Discussion of new medical developments relevant to the practice of the physician and physician assistant, including new pharmaceuticals;

(4) Performance of any other quality assurance activities that the supervising physician considers to be appropriate.

(C) The quality assurance assessment shall be conducted at least twice per year during the first year of a physician assistant's practice and at least once per year thereafter.

(D) Each supervising physician and physician assistant shall keep records of their quality assurance activities for at least seven years, and shall make the records available to the board and any health care professional working with the supervising physician and physician assistant.

(E) The quality assurance system developed pursuant to this rule shall not preclude a health care facility or other entity in which physician assistants practice from conducting quality assurance activities involving the assessment of physician assistant performance.

(F) This provision allows, and does not preclude, multiple supervising physicians to assign the quality assurance process to one supervising physician.

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