4731 State Medical Board

Chapter 4731-1 Limited Branches of Medicine or Surgery.

Chapter 4731-2 Notice of Adoption, Amendment, or Rescission of Rules.

Chapter 4731-4 Criminal Records Checks.

Chapter 4731-5 Examinations.

Chapter 4731-6 Medical or Osteopathic License.

Chapter 4731-7 Notice of Meetings.

Chapter 4731-8 Personal Information Systems.

Chapter 4731-9 Recordation of Meetings.

Chapter 4731-10 Licensing; Continuing Education.

Chapter 4731-11 Controlled Substances.

Chapter 4731-12 Podiatry Licensure.

Chapter 4731-13 Hearings.

Chapter 4731-14 Pronouncement of Death.

Chapter 4731-15 Reporting Requirements.

Chapter 4731-16 Impaired Practitioners.

Chapter 4731-17 Exposure-Prone Invasive Procedure Precautions.

Chapter 4731-18 Surgery Standards.

Chapter 4731-19 Duty of Licensee to Report HIV or HBV Infection; Confidentiality.

Chapter 4731-20 Surgery Privileges of Podiatrist.

Chapter 4731-21 Drug Treatment of Intractable Pain.

Chapter 4731-22 Emeritus Registration.

Chapter 4731-23 Delegation of Medical Tasks.

Chapter 4731-24 Anesthesiologist Assistants.

Chapter 4731-25 Office Based Surgery.

Chapter 4731-26 Current Best Practices.

Chapter 4731-27 Termination of Physician-Patient Relationship.

Chapter 4731-28 Mental or Physical Impairment.

Chapter 4731-29 Pain Management Clinics.

Chapter 4731-30 State Medical Board Metrics.