4731-10-02 Requisite hours of continuing medical education for license renewal or reinstatement.

(A) The respective CME program requirements certified by the Ohio state medical association, the Ohio osteopathic association or the Ohio podiatric medical association and approved by the board shall consist of two categories, category 1 and category 2.

(1) Category 1 and category 2, CME shall be defined and identified within the programs certified by the respective state medical associations and approved by the board.

(2) In a two year CME period, a licensee shall be required to earn a total of one hundred hours of CME, of which a minimum of forty hours shall be category 1 as certified by their respective state professional associations and approved by the board. Certification is a process whereby the Ohio state medical association, the Ohio osteopathic medical association and the Ohio podiatric medical association define their respective CME program requirements for periodic submission to the board for approval. The board may approve each association's CME program requirements which consist of CME courses and activities that are deemed acceptable for completing the requisite hours of CME by each licensee.

(3) When undertaking a CME program, a licensee shall be responsible for ascertaining from the sponsor or co-sponsor whether the CME program will be credited toward the category 1 or category 2 requirement.

(B) The board shall keep on file copies of the program requirements of the various state professional associations.

(C) If a licensee has not completed the requisite hours of CME, a licensee is not eligible for license renewal or license reinstatement until such time as the requisite hours have been completed. Any CME undertaken after the end of a renewal period and utilized for purposes of renewing or reinstating a suspended license cannot also be utilized to meet the CME requirement of the current CME period.

(D) Licensees and applicants who are not working in the medical profession or who are retired from practice but wish to renew or reinstate their licenses shall meet the CME requirements of section 4731.281 of the Revised Code and this chapter of the Administrative Code.

Eff 6-8-98; 2-28-03
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
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Replaces: Part of 4731-10-01, 4731-10-03, 4731-10-06
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