4731-10-04 Continuing medical education requirements for restoration of a license.

Any application for license restoration shall invoke the provisions of section 4731.222 of the Revised Code. The authority of the board to impose terms and conditions includes the following:

(A) Requiring the applicant to obtain additional training and to pass an examination upon completion of such training;

(B) Restricting or limiting the extent, scope, or type of practice of the applicant.

Eff 5-16-83; 6-8-98; 2-28-03
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 4731.05, 4731.281, 4731.295
Rule amplifies: RC 4731.22, 4731.281, 4731.291, 4731.292, 4731.293, 4731.294, 4731.295 , 4731.296
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/18/2002 and 03/25/2006