4731-16-10 Aftercare contracts.

(A) Within one week of completing treatment, the practitioner shall enter into an aftercare contract with an approved treatment provider.

(B) . The aftercare contract shall include all of the following requirements:

(1) Group therapy, support groups, or, when appropriate, an individual counseling, or a combination of the above;

(2) Periodic, random, unannounced blood or urine screens, or both;

(3) Mandatory participation in alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, or a similar twelve-step program, or its equivalent;

(4) Abstinence from use of alcohol;

(5) Abstinence from use of drugs, except those prescribed, administered or personally furnished by another person so authorized by law who has knowledge of the patient's history and of the disease of addiction, or those administered by another person so authorized by law during a medical emergency;

(6) Regular contact with a certified alcoholism counselor, or with a physician qualified by training or experience, or both, to treat chemically dependent persons, who assumes responsibility for monitoring defined aspects of aftercare contract compliance, and who agrees to:

(a) Report any noncompliance to the treatment provider; and

(b) Report any relapse to the treatment provider and the board;

(7) A length of contract specified with a minimum of at least two years and at least one hundred and four weekly aftercare sessions, with missed sessions to be made up;

(8) Professional therapy, where indicated, to resolve family and work-related problems;

(9) Treatment of any ongoing medical problems to be managed by a physician qualified by training or experience, or both, to provide medical care to chemically dependent persons, provided that where such a physician is unavailable due to geographic or other reasonable constraints, treatment shall be managed by a physician in consultation with one so qualified;

(10) Referral to other forms of extended care, when indicated; and

(11) Any required supervision or restrictions of practice during aftercare.

Replaces: 4731-16-10

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Effective: 06/30/2007
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