Lawriter - OAC - 4731-24-01 Definitions.

4731-24-01 Definitions.

As used in Chapter 4731-24 of the Administrative Code:

(A) "Administer" means to apply directly a drug, whether by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means, and the infusion of blood, blood products and supportive fluids.

(B) "Assist" means to carry out procedures as requested by the supervising anesthesiologist, provided that the requested procedure is within the anesthesiologist assistant's training and scope of practice, is authorized by the practice protocol adopted by the supervising anesthesiologist, and is not prohibited by Chapter 4731. or 4760. of the Revised Code, or by any provision of Chapter 4731. of the Administrative Code.

(C) "Drug" means the same as in section 4729.01(E) of the Revised Code.

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