Lawriter - OAC - 4731-24-02 Anesthesiologist assistants: supervision.

4731-24-02 Anesthesiologist assistants: supervision.

(A) A supervising anesthesiologist shall supervise an anesthesiologist assistant within the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth in a written practice protocol that is consistent with section 4760.08 of the Revised Code and this chapter of the Administrative Code. The supervision shall be direct supervision and in the immediate presence of the anesthesiologist assistant, as that term is defined in rule 4731-24-01 of the Administrative Code.

(B) An anesthesiologist assistant shall only perform those tasks assigned on a case-by-case basis by the supervising anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist assistant shall implement the personalized plan for a patient as individually prescribed by the supervising anesthesiologist after the physician has completed a specific assessment of the patient.

(C) In determining which anesthetic procedures to assign to an anesthesiologist assistant, a supervising anesthesiologist shall consider all of the following:

(1) The education, training, and experience of the anesthesiologist assistant;

(2) The anesthesiologist assistant's scope of practice as defined in section 4760.09 of the Revised Code and this chapter of the Administrative Code;

(3) The conditions on the practice of the anesthesiologist assistant set out in the written practice protocol;

(4) The physical status of the patient according to the physical status classification system of the American society of anesthesiologists, as in effect at the time the assignment of procedures is made. The classification system is available from the American society of anesthesiologists and shall be posted on the board's website at

(5) The invasiveness of the anesthetic procedure;

(6) The level of risk of the anesthetic procedure;

(7) The incidence of complications of the anesthetic procedure;

(8) The physical proximity of the supervising anesthesiologist and the anesthologist assistant or assistants being supervised concurrently; and

(9) The number of patients whose care is being supervised concurrently by the supervising anesthesiologist.

(D) During the first four years of an anesthesiologist assistant's practice, the supervising anesthesiologist shall provide enhanced supervision as defined in this chapter of the Administrative Code.

(E) The supervising anesthesiologist shall retain responsibility for the anesthetic management in which the anesthesiologist assistant has participated.

Replaces: 4731-24-02

Effective: 7/31/2019
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 07/31/2024
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4760.08, 4760.19
Rule Amplifies: 4731.22, 4760.08, 4760.09
Prior Effective Dates: 05/30/2003