Lawriter - OAC - 4731-24-03 Anesthesiologist assistants: enhanced supervision.

4731-24-03 Anesthesiologist assistants: enhanced supervision.

(A) A supervising anesthesiologist shall provide enhanced supervision of an anesthesiologist assistant during the first four years of the anesthesiologist assistant's practice.

(B) "Enhanced supervision" means the following:

(1) A supervising anesthesiologist shall require regular, documented quality assurance interactions between a supervising anesthesiologist and the anesthesiologist assistant in his or her first four years of practice. These regularly scheduled quality assurance interactions shall occur in greater number and with greater frequency during the first four years of an anesthesiologist assistant's practice than would be required for quality assurance purposes for anesthesiologist assistants in practice for more than four years and shall take place no less frequently than once every three months. An anesthesiologist assistant shall be required to file on a monthly basis during the first two years of practice a separate record of the cases of anesthetic management in which he or she participated. The record shall be reviewed by a supervising anesthesiologist as a component of the quality assurance interactions. The reviewing supervising anesthesiologist shall file a report of each quality assurance interaction with the appropriate committee.

(2) The supervising anesthesiologist shall make direct observations of the anesthesiologist assistant during the course of each case of anesthetic management. During the first year of an anesthesiologist assistant's practice, these direct observations shall be made more frequently than for comparable procedures for anesthesiologist assistants practicing beyond their first year, for each case of anesthetic management, in addition to induction and emergence. The supervising anesthesiologist shall document the enhanced supervision in the anesthetic record.

(3) Anesthesiologist assistants who have practiced in another state prior to beginning their practice in Ohio shall receive, for purposes of the enhanced supervision requirement, credit for the time they practiced in another state on a year-for-year basis except that the supervising anesthesiologist of an anesthesiologist assistant who practiced for a minimum of four years in another state prior to beginning his or her practice in Ohio shall be required to provide, for the first three months of the anesthesiologist assistant's practice in Ohio, enhanced supervision as defined in paragraph (B)(1) of rule 4731-24-03 of the Administrative Code.

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