4733 State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors

Chapter 4733-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 4733-3 Officers.

Chapter 4733-5 Procedural Rules.

Chapter 4733-9 Qualifications for Registration by Examination, Experience, or Education.

Chapter 4733-13 Registration by Endorsement, Reciprocity, or Temporary Certification.

Chapter 4733-17 Form of Application.

Chapter 4733-19 Application, Examination, Registration, and Annual Renewal Fees.

Chapter 4733-20 Registration Ceremony.

Chapter 4733-21 Certificate of Registration.

Chapter 4733-23 Registrant's Seal.

Chapter 4733-25 Reinstatement of Lapsed Certificate.

Chapter 4733-29 Principles and Practice Examinations.

Chapter 4733-31 Land Surveying Defined.

Chapter 4733-33 Examination for Land Surveyors.

Chapter 4733-35 Code of Ethics for Engineers and Surveyors.

Chapter 4733-37 Standards for Boundary Surveys.

Chapter 4733-38 Standards For Mortgage Location Surveys.

Chapter 4733-39 Certificate of Authorization.

Chapter 4733-40 Accessing Confidential Information.

Chapter 4733-51 Board Employment and Examination Policies.