Chapter 4733-29 Principles and Practice Examinations

4733-29-01 Principles and practice examinations.

(A) When an applicant has completed a record showing the required number of calendar years of education and experience, the applicant is eligible to request admission to the principles and practice examination for completion of registration as a professional. The board must be sent a completed application. This statement application shall describe the nature of work performed, degree of responsibility, and dates of each engagement. Each segment of experience must be verified by including the supervisor's signature and contact information. If an applicant claims credit for experience in the armed forces of the United States or civilian war services, the applicant must outline the nature and extent of the assignments. Experience may be acquired in Ohio or elsewhere. Credit for experience is not limited to the branch specified in the original application.

(B) If the experience is approved by the board, it will be necessary for the applicant to demonstrate his or her practical knowledge by passing the principles and practice examination as outlined in section 4733.13 of the Revised Code. Applicants are not eligible for this examination until their practical experience has been completed and approved by the board one hundred twenty days prior to the examination date.

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Rule Amplifies: 4733.11, 4733.13
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