4734-1-09 Organizational memberships.

(A) Memberships. The board may hold membership in the international "Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards," (hereinafter the "FCLB") a non-profit association. The board may participate in the governance of the "National Board of Chiropractic Examiners," (hereinafter "NBCE") a non-profit corporation, to the extent permitted by its bylaws. The board may join or participate in other groups, associations, or organizations which are consistent with its mission.

(B) Participation. The board may participate to the extent possible in the activities and programs of the "FCLB", "NBCE" and other organizations discussed above. The board's participation may include its members, selected staff members and other board representatives. The board's participation in affiliated organizations shall be subject to budgetary and logistical constraints. The board's executive director may be a member of the "FCLB" affiliated "Association of Chiropractic Board Administrators."

(C) Delegates. The board members shall designate one member to serve as a delegate and one member to serve as an alternate delegate for purposes of voting on behalf of the board at meetings of the "FCLB" and/or the "NBCE." Said designation shall be made by a majority decision of the board. Board members shall disclose any conflicts of interest prior to voting.

(D) Voting. Board members that vote as a delegate to the "FCLB" and/or the "NBCE" shall vote accordingly: Issues that are slated to be voted upon at said meeting shall be placed on the board's agenda prior to the respective association meeting for a majority decision. The board decision shall be deemed unalterable by a voting delegate, but would remain modifiable to the attending majority.

(E) "FCLB" databank. The board may enter into a contract with the "FCLB" to report formal licensing actions against licensees to the "FCLB's Chiropractic Information Network - Board Action Databank" (hereinafter "CIN-BAD") or to the successor databank of "CIN-BAD". Subject to Ohio law, the board shall report licensing information to "CIN-BAD" as required in its contract with the "FCLB".

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