4734-5-03 Site visitation procedures.

(A) Purpose. For the purpose of obtaining factual information, the board may appoint a site visitation team to make an on-site visit to a chiropractic educational institution or program and to provide the board with a written report of its findings. The site visit may occur when the institution or program is a candidate for accreditation with the Council on Chiropractic Education (hereinafter "CCE") and thus a candidate for board approval, pursuant to Administrative Rule 4734-5-01 , during the time period a program or an institution seeks to renew its CCE accreditation(renew board approval), or at any time the board believes it is in the best interests of Ohioans to determine facts concerning the operation of a board approved institution.

(B) Composition. The site visitation team shall be appointed by the board and shall consist of not less than five members, nor more than seven members, including a chairperson appointed by the board. The team shall conduct an on-site visit of the institution for the purpose of evaluation. The team shall consist of at least two doctors of chiropractic practicing in Ohio, one member who is either an administrator or faculty member at a non-chiropractic institution of higher learning, one member who holds the doctor of chiropractic degree and is either an administrator or faculty member of a board-approved chiropractic college, and a representative of the public who holds at least a bachelor degree. The board may also appoint up to two additional team members with particular backgrounds which would be useful to the team and/or board.

(C) Logistics. Any on-site visit shall be conducted over a minimum of three days at the site of the institution. This time period may be extended at the discretion of the board, for just cause. The entire projected cost of the team visit shall be paid in advance by the chiropractic educational institution to the board, or directly to the team members, as directed by the board. Such expenses shall include, but not be limited to, meals, lodging and per diem expenses of twenty-four hours per day including the time for travel to and from the applicant and the time of the on-site visit. Expenses shall also include the time required for preparing the report and presenting such report to the board. The institution shall be notified at least forty-five days in advance of the visit and the actual expenses required by the site visitation team. Projected travel expenses shall be computed at the rate per mile allowed by the state of Ohio or actual cost of transportation at the discretion of the board. Receipts of expenses incurred by the site visitation team shall be submitted to the board for documentation and approval. In the event the expenses incurred by the team are less than the amount prepaid by the institution, the institution shall be reimbursed for this amount. In the event the expenses of the team exceed the amount paid in advance by the program or institution, the institution shall pay the additional amount due. Failure to pay over monies due is grounds for denying or removing board approval.

(D) Report. At the completion of the on-site visit the team shall prepare a report and present it to the board. The site visitation team chairperson shall be responsible for preparing the report, which reflects the findings of the team. The team report shall include, but not be limited to, a detailed analysis of the institution or program and its curriculum, faculty, governance, programs, finances, its relationship to other chiropractic educational institutions and the educational standards recognized by the board, as well as other relevant information.

Copies of this report shall be filed with the board and the chief executive officer of the program or institution. All clerical, administrative, printing and related expenses of the team shall be paid by the institution. The board shall review the report and shall notify the program or institution of its decision within one hundred twenty days of the filing of the report. This time period may be extended for good cause at the board's discretion.

Eff 4-9-04
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 4734.10
Rule amplifies: RC 4734.21
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