4741-1-11 Form and content of continuing education hours.

(A) The following programs designed to directly enhance the veterinarian's or veterinary technician's knowledge and skill in providing services relevant to the veterinary profession shall be approved for continuing education hours:

(1) All scientific programs of the American veterinary medical association (AVMA), its constituent organizations and its recognized specialty groups and accredited veterinary medical institutions whose meetings impart educational material directly relating to veterinary medicine;

(2) All scientific programs of state veterinary medical associations or veterinary technician associations;

(3) Scientific programs which are approved by the registry of the approved continuing education (RACE) of the American association of veterinary state boards (AAVSB); and

(4) All programs approved by the board, not associated with RACE or AVMA and its suborganizations.

(B) Veterinarians must report thirty hours of continuing education per renewal. Of the required hours, at least twenty hours must be board approved scientific and directly related to the practice of veterinary medicine. No more than ten hours may be in related areas such as practice management.

(C) Registered veterinary technicians must report ten hours of board approved continuing education per renewal. Six hours must be scientific and directly related to the practice of veterinary medicine. No more than four hours may be in related areas such as practice management.

(D) A licensed veterinarian or registered veterinary technician applying for an initial renewal is not required to complete the continuing education requirements but shall certify that they graduated within that biennium of the renewal period.

(E) All veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians may acquire continuing education hours from national, state and local seminars, programs, meetings, or course studies that are approved by the board. All continuing education hours must meet the following requirements:

(1) Board approved hours specific to the practice of veterinary medicine and/or surgery can be acquired through lecture, seminar, laboratory, or realtime online courses.

(2) Non-board approved continuing education hours may include but are not limited to: Alternative therapies, practice management, public relations and personal growth or may be obtained in forms which may include but are not limited to professional journals and auto-tutorials.

(F) Due to prolonged or extenuating illnesses or emergencies, alternative requirements for continuing education will be determined on a case by case basis. A request for waiver must be submitted to the board with documentation of the illness or emergency within thirty days of submission of a license or registration renewal.

(G) Prior to the expiration of a biennial license or registration on March first, the executive director shall cause to be mailed in January of the renewal year, a "Notice For Renewal Application" for a renewal cycle of the licensed veterinarian or a registered veterinarian technician. For the veterinarian holding a limited license, the executive director shall cause the biennial license renewal application to be mailed in May of the odd numbered year. Renewal applicants must certify completion of required continuing education at the time of renewal.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 07/05/2012 and 07/05/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4741.03(C)(9)
Rule Amplifies: 4741.16(B), 4741.19(C) ORC
Prior Effective Dates: 3/19/86, 5/23/96, 7/27/01, 11/15/07, 8/24/2008