Lawriter - OAC - 4747-1-08 Application for license and permits.

4747-1-08 Application for license and permits.

(A) Every person requesting an application for a license or trainee permit shall be furnished the necessary forms, a copy of the Revised Code pertaining to licensing of hearing aid dealers and fitters, and such other information or questionnaires as the board may deem desirable. All applications for initial licensure shall be submitted to the board on forms provided by the board. All applications, fees, statements, and other documents so submitted shall be retained by the board.

(B) The application forms shall be designed to provide the board with the information necessary to satisfy itself that all requirements pertaining to sections 4747.05 and 4747.10 of the Revised Code are being fulfilled. Applications shall be:

(1) Typewritten or printed in ink or submitted electronically via the Ohio eLicense system;

(2) Signed by the applicant or electronically signed if applying electronically via the Ohio eLicense system;

(3) Accompanied by the fee prescribed by section 4747.05 of the Revised Code; and

(4) Accompanied by such evidence, statements, or documents as specified on the application form and in the instructions from the section.

(C) Failure to complete all forms and provide all information may be just cause for denial of the application by the board. For the purpose of filing an electronic application via the Ohio eLicense system, the board shall supply the applicant with a "UserID" and password. The use of the "UserID" and password provided by the board is solely the responsibility of the individual to whom it is issued and shall be limited to filing an electronic application for initial licensure. The "UserID" and password shall constitute the legally recognized signature for the purposes of this rule and may not be transferred, distributed, or shared with any other person.

(D) Any application received in accordance with this rule that remains incomplete one year after the initial application filing shall be considered to be abandoned and no further processing shall be undertaken with respect to that application.

(1) If the application process extends for a period longer than one year, the board may require updated information as it deems necessary.

(2) No application for licensure may be withdrawn without approval of the board.

(3) Submitted fees shall be neither refundable nor transferable.

(E) In the case of a trainee permit, the supervisor's name, address, license number, and signature shall appear or electronically signed if applying electronically via the Ohio eLicense system. Every trainee shall be assigned a supervisor. The supervisor's name shall appear on the trainee permit and may not be changed without the trainee first requesting in writing or via the Ohio eLicense system a revised duplicate permit from the board, which request shall include the name of the new supervisor and the effective date of the change. Fees as set forth in section 4747.07 of the Revised Code shall accompany this request.

(F) Any person knowingly furnishing false information on an application for license shall be denied the right to the examination, or if the applicant has already been licensed before the falsification of such information has been made known to the board, such licensee or permit holder shall be subject to suspension or revocation and the board may forward all pertinent documents to the appropriate prosecuting attorney for possible prosecution for fraud and/or perjury.

Replaces: 4747-1-08

Effective: 6/11/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 03/15/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4747.04
Rule Amplifies: 4747.05, 4747.10
Prior Effective Dates: 2/1/1977, 4/15/84, 2/15/97, 10/1/00, 6/1/08