4751-1-09 Administrator-in-training program; practical training and experience.

The board has established the administrator-in-training program as the way whereby a person seeking initial licensure as a nursing home administrator may obtain practical training and experience in nursing home administration under direct supervision of a licensed nursing home administrator (administrator/preceptor) who is in full-time practice in the nursing home approved by the board as the applicant's internship training site.

(A) Applying for registration in the AIT Program:

(1) An applicant for registration in the nursing home administrator-in-training program shall submit such application in the manner and on the forms prescribed by the board, which consists of:

(a) The application form having complete and accurate entries of information;

(b) Certified transcript(s) of college credits and proof of degree(s), in accordance with division (A)(4) of rule 4751-1-05 ; said transcripts to be sent by the institution directly to the office of the board;

(c) Certificate or other specific and adequate documentation of completion of approved course of study or program of instruction meeting the special academic requirements in the subject areas specific to health care administration in accordance with division (A)(5) of rule 4751-1-05 ;

(d) Any additional or supplemental documentation to support data entries on the application form and to establish any qualifying administrative experience;

(e) The training plan, with its supporting documentation;

(2) All parts of the application shall be on file with the board at least thirty days prior to the regular meeting of the board preceding the requested beginning date of the AIT Program;

(3) AIT Program shall begin only on the first day of the first month of the calendar quarter, namely: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.

(B) The applicant-before approving the registration of an applicant for internship in the administrator-in-training program, the board must be satisfied that the applicant meets or will meet the following requirements. The applicant:

(1) Is at least eighteen years of age; and

(2) Is of good character; and

(3) Is in good health and is otherwise suitable to the practice of nursing home administration under the criteria set forth in division (A)(3) of rule 4751-1-05 ; and

(4) Has attained the general education qualifications as prescribed in division (A)(4) of rule 4751-1-05 ; and

(5) Has completed, or has arranged for completing, the special academic requirements prescribed in division (A)(5) of rule 4751-1-05, and has submitted documentation of such to the board; and

(6) Has arranged for a period of practical training and experience (internship), pursuant to rule 4751-1-05 (A)(6), in a training agency(internship site) approved by the board; and

(7) Shall not be employed in the internship site in any capacity other than that of administrative trainee during the period of practical training and experience; and

(8) Does not have a substantial financial interest in the nursing home which is to be the site wherein the major portion of the training time will be served.

(C) The training plan for practical training and experience (internship) for the AIT Program must provide documentation that the following requirements have been or will be met;

(1) A pre-training assessment of the applicant's background in terms of educational level, pertinent experience, maturity, motivation, initiative has been made jointly by the applicant and his preceptor, the supervisor of this practical training experience.

(2) Based on the assessment, the applicant and his preceptor jointly have developed a detailed goal-oriented training plan with adequate supporting documentation which relates educational objectives, subject areas of the core of knowledge-nursing home administration, training sites and/or agencies involved, estimated number of hours needed for mastering each objective, and total of hours in training plan.

(3) Supporting documentation for the training plan shall include qualifications of the preceptor and of the director of nursing in the training sites, and such descriptive information for each training site and staff as is necessary to determine its adequacy for the specific educational objective(s) for which it is designated.

(4) The board shall have the right to monitor and call for conference any party or parties thereto during the course of said internship.

(5) Following the completion of the internship and preceding admission to examination for licensure, the board shall determine if the applicant has received training consistent with the guidelines established by the board in these rules.

(D) Reports

(1) Each administrator-in-training shall file such periodic and summary reports as required by and in the format prescribed by the board.

(2) All reports are to be co-signed by the administrator-in-training and the administrator/preceptor and filed with the board no more than ten days following the end of the reporting period.

(3) If an administrator-in-training fails to file reports promptly, such trainee may be deemed to have abandoned the administrator-in-training program.

(E) Reciprocity Any administrator-in-training in an approved preceptorial training program of another state who transfers residence to the state of Ohio may receive credit at the discretion of the board toward the internship requirements of this state, provided that:

(1) The administrator-in-training applies for registration with this board within sixty days after leaving the former training program;

(2) There is in effect a reciprocity agreement for the administrator-in-training program between the state of origin and the state of Ohio.

(F) Interruption, discontinuance, or disqualification

(1) Discontinuance by the administrator-in-training of the internship in the approved training site shall be reported to the board by the trainee and by the administrator/preceptor within ten days after such discontinuance.

(2) The internship period in whole or in part may be disqualified or disallowed if it is determined by the board that the administrator-in-training has failed to serve a bona fide internship in conformity with these rules.

(3) Approved registration in the administrator-in-training program in no way implies authority for the trainee to serve in the capacity of a nursing home administrator; such action by a trainee may disqualify the entire period of internship.

(4) In the event the preceptor fails to provide the administrator-in-training an opportunity for adequate professional and occupational experience under supervision in the administrative and operating activities of a nursing home, the board may disqualify the administrator/preceptor from further service as such in the administrator-in-training program.

(G) Miscellaneous

(1) Any financial arrangements between administrator/preceptor and administrator-in-training are the joint responsibility of the parties involved and are not the responsibility of the board.

(2) Should investigation by the board disclose any falsification or misrepresentation in an application or supportive documents, said application shall be rejected and the applicant disqualified.

(3) Any falsification or misrepresentation contained in any report or document attesting the facts, conditions and activities of the internship and submitted by the AIT, administrator/preceptor or other participants therein may be grounds for denial of admission to examination or for suspension or revocation of the nursing home administrator license in addition to any other penalties provided by law.

(4) In the event that during the administrator-in-training internship the training experience proves unsatisfactory, the board, at its discretion, may terminate or rearrange all or part of the internship.

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