4753-7-02 Supervision requirements; aides.

(A) Supervision of a speech-language pathology aide or an audiology aide shall be provided by a person who is actively licensed as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist under section 4753.06 of the Revised Code. The licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist who signs the application for the aide shall supervise that particular aide. The aide may provide services only under the supervision of the speech-language pathologist or audiologist of record for that applicant. If more than one supervisor is to be involved with the aide, an application shall be submitted by each supervisor.

(B) The supervisor shall be able to provide direct, comprehensive, documented and immediate supervision to the aide. "Direct supervision of an aide" shall be defined as that given by a supervisor who is either present in the room in which the services are being given, or, who is immediately available to provide assistance to the aide within that particular contact with patient/client(s) served. A licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist may supervise no more than two aides concurrently unless specifically authorized by the board. The board shall consider the public welfare in determining authorization for supervision of additional aides.

(C) The supervisor of an aide shall maintain the legal and ethical responsibilities for all assigned activities provided by the aide; shall make all decisions relating to the diagnosis, treatment, management and future disposition of the patient/client(s) served; and shall have the responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the patient/client(s) served by the aide. The supervisor shall be responsible for the aide's competence to perform board approved activities and adherence to the code of ethics as defined by rule 4753-9-01 of the Administrative Code.

(D) An aide shall not begin practice until approved by the board.

(E) The supervisor of an aide shall notify the board of any changes in the approved application required in rule 4753-7-01 of the Administrative Code as a condition of licensure, including termination of employment of either party. Failure to notify the board of a change or termination of an approved application shall be grounds for discipline in accordance with division (M) of section 4753.10 of the Revised Code. Supervision of an unlicensed aide shall be aiding and abetting unlicensed practice and shall be grounds for discipline in accordance with division (D) of section 4753.10 of the Revised Code.

Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 09/19/2016 and 09/19/2021
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4753.05, 4753.072
Rule Amplifies: 4753.05, 4753.071, 4753.072
Prior Effective Dates: 2-9-93; 11-16-92 (Emer.); 7-22-01