4755 Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy Board, and Athletic Trainers Board

Chapter 4755-1 Notice

Chapter 4755-3 Licensing, Examination, Education, and Training

Chapter 4755-5 Fees

Chapter 4755-7 Limited Permit Holders and Occupational Therapy Assistants; Conduct of Licensees

Chapter 4755-8 Personal Information Systems

Chapter 4755-9 Continuing Education

Chapter 4755-21 Notice; Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of License

Chapter 4755-23 Licensing, Examination, and Continuing Education

Chapter 4755-24 Fees

Chapter 4755-26 Personal Information Systems

Chapter 4755-27 Conduct of Licensees

Chapter 4755-28 Surrender of License

Chapter 4755-29 Prescriptions; Referrals; Orders

Chapter 4755-40 Notice

Chapter 4755-41 Code of Ethics

Chapter 4755-42 Use of Title; Referrals

Chapter 4755-43 Licensing, Examination, and Education

Chapter 4755-44 Notice of Changes; Certificate of Licensure

Chapter 4755-45 Continuing Education

Chapter 4755-46 Delegation of Tasks

Chapter 4755-47 Fees

Chapter 4755-48 Complaints