4757 Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

Chapter 4757-1 General Provisions

Chapter 4757-3 Definitions; Titles

Chapter 4757-5 Code of Ethics

Chapter 4757-6 Ethical Practice

Chapter 4757-7 License Renewal; Prohibitions

Chapter 4757-9 Continuing Education

Chapter 4757-11 Denial, Suspension, Revocation of License; Disciplinary Action

Chapter 4757-13 Licensing of Counselors

Chapter 4757-15 Scope of Practice for Counselors

Chapter 4757-17 Supervision of Counselors

Chapter 4757-19 Licensing and Registration of Social Workers

Chapter 4757-21 Scope of Practice for Social Workers

Chapter 4757-23 Supervision of Social Workers

Chapter 4757-25 Licensing of Marriage and Family Therapists

Chapter 4757-27 Marriage and Family Therapy - Scope of Practice

Chapter 4757-29 Marriage and Family Therapy

Chapter 4757-31 Accessing Confidential Personal Information

Chapter 4757-99 Independent Rules