4757-5-10 Standards of ethical practice and professional conduct: reporting unethical actions.

(A) Mandatory reporting: All licensees, registrants, supervisors and trainees have a responsibility to report any alleged violations of this act or rules adopted under it to the counselor, social worker, and marriage and family therapist board. Also, if they have knowledge or reason to suspect that a licensed colleague or other licensee is acting in an unethical way or is incompetent or impaired they shall report that practitioner to the board. All mandatory reporting shall be in writing and bear the name and license number or registration of the reporter. When client confidentiality limits the licensee's ability to provide details the licensee is still mandated to report the allegations against another licensee without breaching client confidentiality.

(B) Counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists are required to comply with all mandatory reporting requirements set forth in the Revised Code to include, but not limited to:

(1) Section 2305.51 of the Revised Code - Immunity of mental health professional for reporting violent behavior by a client or patient;

(2) Section 2151.421 of the Revised Code - Duty to report child abuse or neglect;

(3) Section 5101.61 of the Revised Code - Duty to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult;

(4) Section 2317.02 of the Revised Code - Privileged communications; and

(5) Section 5123.61 of the Revised Code - Mandatory "duty to report abuse, neglect and other major incidents for a person with mental retardation or a developmental disability."

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